There are companies throughout Connecticut that offer similar services when it comes to water, filtrations, pumps, etc.  Lately, we have gotten many phone calls regarding ct water issues and thought we would offer the top 5 reasons why people throughout Connecticut choose our company to service them with their water needs.

1) Our Reputation

as a family owned business, reputation and service provided is of the utmost importance to our company. As a family-owned business since the 1940's, Aqua Pump is now entering their 4th generation. 

One of our loyal customers, Roberta, writes the following:

We have been using Aqua Pump for many years because they are so reliable on a moments notice. Very professional and they certainly care about their present and new customers. They are always here on a short notice and fix it right the first time. KUDOOS TO AQUA PUMP! Have a great holiday, from the FALTUS FAMILY of VERNON.

2) The MANY Services Aqua Pump Provides

Whether you need assistance with Filtration, Pumps, Plumbing or Certified Operators for your business or complex, we have designed our water and filtration company to be a one-stop shop for our customers.  We offer such a vast array of CT Water products and services, our goal is to have our company be the first and last phone call you make.

3) Certified Operator Program

With Certified Operator Technicians in our company, we are now able to offer our program to businesses throughout the state of Connecticut who need this serivce in order to stay within Connecticut regulations made by the CT Department of Health.  Our program alleviates the stress of worrying about the water in the buldings for our Certified professionals.

4) Our Reputation

Whether you have seen our trucks on the road or at a job site, our clients choose us for their water needs throughout the state of Connecticut and we take great pride in our quality of service work and product.  With our 24 hour service, we are prepared to be of any assistance at any time.

Aqua Pump is just one call away at (860) 684-5349

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Sometimes, its not enough to educate the parents, its about educating the children too. This is what Aqua Pump has decided to do, by partnering up with Suffield High School in Connecticut.

The goal? To have our youth choosing better alternatives to soda. Whether it be soda or diet soda, the effects from both are hindering the growth and health of our young men and women. In an effort to help, Aqua Pump has decided to educate through messages of choosing water over soda.

In our previous articles on our Aqua Pump blog, we outlined the hazards of artificial sweetners used in diet sodas along with the amount of sugar in the regular sodas.

Now it's time to begin substituting the soda with the best choice of all: water. 

Stay tuned for our updates regarding our effort to education on the hazards of soda and the benefits of water.

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Anytime their is a facility, business or location such as a school, there is a Certified Operator checking the water for the personnel and public safety. The realization is, water that is used by the public needs to be at the highest level of quality. When water is being digested and used by a larger population, its essential it is constantly monitored and maintained.

This is where a Connecticut Certified Operator comes into play. As the Department of Health states, the Certified Operator facilitates the following:

  1. Ensure that qualified personnel are operating water systems;
  2. Distributing pertinent operator information through a newsletter.
  3. Minimize public health concerns;
  4. Develop public trust & confidence in drinking
  5. Improve compliance with regulations;
  6. Optimize operation costs;
  7. Protect the system’s equipment

Knowing a company such as Aqua Pump with Certified Operators on staff is a benefit! Our company proudly serves hundreds of facilities throughout the state of Connecticut. As a small business, we have our Certified Program layed out for our customers so they always interact with the same Operator, understand that our company takes the pressure off of them, but most importantly, conduct business in a professional and affordable manner.

Whether you are opening a restaurant, public business or any other location, Aqua Pump is ready to earn your business and make finding a Certified Operator right for your business, that much easier!

For more info, please check out our Certified Operator Program page on our site or call us at (860) 684-5349.

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With the beautiful Spring weather approaching, many homeowners are considering an uplift for their lawn or maybe some consistent maintenance throughout the warmer months. For our landscaping needs, we trust our friend Walt at Walt's Lawn Service to get the job done.

When you visit Walt's Lawn Service website, you will find out quickly that they are equipped properly to handle and need or want when it comes to your landscaping needs. Located in North Granby, Walt's Lawn Service is local and just a phone call away, from wherever you may be in the state of Connecticut.

More about Walt's Lawn Service

Walt's Landscape Contractor has provided quality service to their customers since 1990. They offer everything from landscape design installation to a full range of landscape maintenance. Their staff is comprised of a dedicated group of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the landscape industry. Whether you are looking for a small change or a complete renovation they will take on your project with professionalism, creativity, enthusiasm, and appreciation based on your individual needs.

Make sure you give Walt's Lawn Service a call today at (860) 653-9310 and tell them your friends at Aqua Pump referred you!

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Whether you work for a small business, or own one, there are always certain reasons to be prideful of. For our company, its the same thing. So instead of telling YOU why we would love the opportunity to earn your business, we will tell you what our customers have said.

"Always Able To Speak Someone Who Understands"

When you call our office, you will either speak to Pat or Audra.  We know that you are most likely calling in regards to a problem or an emergency and our office staff is aware and educated on any issues you may have, but also on all of our clients.  It has always been a priveledge to know our customers personally and make even the most tense situations as easy as possible. If you are a new customer to us, it will only take but one time for us to know you on a name to name basis.  

"Aqua Pump always tries to send the same tech"

We sure do.  Except for the rare occasion, we have always made it a point to send the same technician to clients they have worked with in the past. Not only is there a familiarity level, but our tech specifically for your water system will know the in's and out's, knowing your system in the back of their head. Some our techs have been servicing our customers for over 10+ years!

In fact, we have recently added photos of our staff to our website and our Aqua Pump Facebook Page. If you are working with us for the first time and would like to know which tech will be arriving at your doorstep, take a look now!

"Time is of the essence"

We've incorporated our 24-hour service for our customers in case of that late night/early morning emergency. Unfortunately, its hard to determine when there will be a problem, but we assure you that we have take the necessary steps to be as acoomodating as we can.

When we say "Family owned business" it truly includes our clients. Our customers are our shareholders and because of them we are able to continue serving our customers in the industry we love and pride ourselves in.

If you know of someone who might need our services, we would love the opportunity to earn their business. Please let them know they can call our office and talk to Pat or Audra anytime to help with their needs. Our phone number is (860) 684-5349

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Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 10.17.44 AM

Our Small Business Shoutout goes to our good friends Peter and Paul Rossi over at Rossi Bros LLC in Stafford Connecticut.

The Rossi Brothers offer custom graphics, signs, billboards and any type of graphic need from businesses to vehicle graphics. They not only have an impeccable reputation, they are a family owned and operated businesss here in Connecticut.

In addition to the graphics and signs, The Rossi Brothers also perform auto body and paint repairs on any vehicle.

With over 30 years experience, dedication, perfection and hard work, we are proud to say that the Rossi Brothers are partners with Aqua Pump and many MANY more other businesses and people throughout the state.

We highly suggest Peter and Paul for their services and work. Call them at (860) 684-9229 or head to the Rossi Bros Website

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In some of our previous blogs, we stressed heavily on the fact that depending where you live, your water may be affected by different pollutants. Now, we have a real life example that you may or may not have read recently in the Journal Inquirer.

East Windsor residents have been dealing with a pollutant in their water that was banned in 1983. What was the pollutant? EDB or 1,2-Dibromoethane.

As Wikipedia states, EDB or 1,2-Dibromoethane  also known as ethylene dibromide (EDB), is the organobromine compound with the chemical formula (CH2Br)2. Although trace amounts occur naturally in the ocean, where it is formed probably by algae and kelp, it is mainly synthetic. It is a colorless liquid with a sweet odor, detectable at 10 ppm, is a widely used and sometimes-controversial fumigant.

So how did this pollutant turn up? As it turns out,  the Tobacco industry used it as a soil fumigant for many years. Although it was banned as a fumigant in 1983, it is still present within the soil and thus, into water sources.

Fortunately, as years have gone by, our society has gotten much stricter on best practices with our environment. However, the downside is that years ago, they were not and the effects are being felt today.

Whether you purchased a house or potentially looking to move, it's critical to get a better understanding as to what surrounds your future location or where you currently live. Well water testing is up to the homeowner and should be done once a year. For areas in Connecticut where there has been a history of farming, textile mills or any other possible contaminant location, its critical that homeowners fully understand the potential hazards creeping into their water.

For more information regarding testing or for information regarding surrounding areas near you, call the team at Aqua Pump at (860) 684-5349.

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2013 has certainly brought some unforgettable weather patterns to the United States so far.  Between New England snowfall totals, late season blizzards and the devastating tornadoes throughout Oklahoma and the midwest, we are all too familiar with weather in general.

One thing we often dont think about is the effects these types of weather patterns have on surface water, which can effect our drinking water supplies too.

As the EPA states, "Storm water runoff becomes contaminated when rain water comes into contact with contaminated soil and either dissolves the contamination or carries contaminated soil particles."

With weather patterns changing surface water, its impacts also have a spiraling effect including:

  • "It can impact the health of lower food chain organisms and, consequently, the availability of the food supply up through the food chain." states the EPA
  • Humans and animals that drink contaminated water or use it to do daily activities such as bathe.
  • In addition, the EPA state also states, "One of the major concerns associated with contaminated surface water is the ability of aquatic organisms, like fish, to accumulate and concentrate contaminants in their bodies. When other animals or humans ingest these organisms, they receive a much higher dose of contamination than they would have if they had been directly exposed to the original source of the contamination."

With extreme weather, such as the weather we are currently facing, it is critical that we pay attention to our water and do testing on a more regular basis. As human beings living on earth, everything we do is connected, almost in a circular motion.

When our weather is extreme, our agriculture is effected, which incorporates livestock and other organisms, which in turn has a direct correlation with human beings.

While municipailities and other organizations are controlled and monitored by regulations, its up to homeowners to test their water when they schedule testing. 

For more information, contact our team at Aqua Pump at (860) 684-5349.

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It's hard to believe that something that is offered to the public, advertised and on store shelves could be the root of so much health havoc. In fact, as we dig further into the harmful effects of soda, you'll all consider turning on the faucet for a glass of water.

Scientists have researched and concluded that in order to be healthy, people must maintain body fluids in the slightly alkaline range, 7.1 to 7.5 pH.

As Nutrition Reall Works states, "The pH scale ranges from 0 (totally acid) to 7 (neutral) to 14 (totally alkaline). Over 150 degenerative diseases are linked to acidity, including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, gall and kidney stones, and many more. All diseases thrive in an acidic, oxygen-poor environment.

And where does soda land?  On the pH scale, it hovers around the 2.5 pH range.

Its scary to think that drinking what seems to be a harmless soda can create so much havoc on our bodies and overall well being.  Here at Aqua Pump, our goal is not simply to sell water products, its to educate. Educating our audience including our young adults is vital for their future and everyone elses. The simple issue is that we simply cannot necessarily trust everything we see or perceive to be healthy.  

Artificial Sweeteners are also a culprit and as we go into our next article, we will touch on that hot button.  

Water has the ability to truly do wonders to the body including keeping the pH levels where they need to be. Water assists in flushing out toxins, which in turn allows the body to work more efficiently from a cellular level.

Because the month of May is considered National Drinking Water Month, we want everyone to help in spreading the knowledge about potential harmful products as well as taking a step together towards a healthier lifestyl. A healthier lifestyle is one which incorporates: Drinking More Water.



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As the Connecticut Department of Public Health announces, "According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), water quality studies have shown that pharmaceuticals are present in our nation's waterbodies and recent reports have documented that some pharmaceuticals have been found at low levels in some drinking water supplies."

Pharmaceuticals enter the environment in several different ways including:

  • Flushing pills down the toilet
  • Natrual human wasted from body into sewer lines
  • External drugs which are washed through shower or bathtub
  • Veterinary use

So what is the big deal? As the CT DPH states, there is no test or measurement associated with pharmaceuticals.

"Presently, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and State of Connecticut water quality testing requirements for public water systems do not include testing for pharmaceutical compounds. Also, the USEPA currently does not regulate or have standards for pharmaceutical compounds in drinking water supplies."

In the state of Connecticut, we are lucky to have such strict rules and regulations when it comes to public and private drinking water, however we need to continue to do our part. 

The DEP has information for properly disposing of pharmaceuticals here.

Remember, no matter how much or little you think the disposing of pharmaceuticals may be, its up to us to make sure we take the proper measures to keep everyone in our environment safe. 

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