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CT Home & Remodeling show

Aqua Pump would like to announce that we will be attending Connecticut Home & Remodeling Show this weekend, March 16-18th. Please come visit us there. We will be demonstrating a piece of water filtration for well water. We also will be answering any questions on water pumps, well filtration, well water, water purification and much more. Come visit us at the Connecticut Home & Remodeling show if you have Connecticut Well Water or dislike the taste of your Connecticut city water!

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Anytime their is a facility, business or location such as a school, there is a Certified Operator checking the water for the personnel and public safety. The realization is, water that is used by the public needs to be at the highest level of quality. When water is being digested and used by a larger population, its essential it is constantly monitored and maintained.

This is where a Connecticut Certified Operator comes into play. As the Department of Health states, the Certified Operator facilitates the following:

  1. Ensure that qualified personnel are operating water systems;
  2. Distributing pertinent operator information through a newsletter.
  3. Minimize public health concerns;
  4. Develop public trust & confidence in drinking
  5. Improve compliance with regulations;
  6. Optimize operation costs;
  7. Protect the system’s equipment

Knowing a company such as Aqua Pump with Certified Operators on staff is a benefit! Our company proudly serves hundreds of facilities throughout the state of Connecticut. As a small business, we have our Certified Program layed out for our customers so they always interact with the same Operator, understand that our company takes the pressure off of them, but most importantly, conduct business in a professional and affordable manner.

Whether you are opening a restaurant, public business or any other location, Aqua Pump is ready to earn your business and make finding a Certified Operator right for your business, that much easier!

For more info, please check out our Certified Operator Program page on our site or call us at (860) 684-5349.

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Are you looking for a Connecticut Certified Operator and located Thompson, Woodstock, or Suffield? If your looking for a certified operator anywhere in Connecticut we have your solution. We have multiple licensed Certified Operators, distribution system operators, water treatment plant operators, and plumbers to help you with any questions or work you need on your water system. This is just another way we can help you with your Connecticut Well Water

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With hurricane season just around the corner, along with the amount of rain we have received this spring, making sure our well water has not been contaminated is a must.

Floodwater has the ability to travel great distances and from areas less than desireable such as farms, industrial locations, flooded septic systems and other places know for contamination from chemicals. So when we think about water seeping into our source of clean drinking water, its enough to raise an alert. With the amount of rain Connecticut has seen, it might only take a few more downpours or a big storm to create havoc on our water supplies.

Water wells can even show signs of contamination regardless if the surface is covered with water. It's incredible how many different contaminants can enter your well water.  

Aqua Pump offers water testing throughout the state of Connecticut to homeowners who have dealt with this problem and for regular testing which is always the safest bet.

For more information, contact our team at (860) 684-5349.

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In light of May being acknowledged for "Drinking Water Month", many homeowners or those with private wells dont understand the importance of having the water periodically tested. In fact, one thing that we have learned over many years is that most people dont know where their well is located on the property.

The fact is, there is no regulations for homeowners to have their wells tested, so it is up to the homeowners to do so. The EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) has outlined several key situations where water should be tested more frequently (more than once a year).

  • someone in your household is pregnant or nursing
  • there are unexplained illnesses in the family
  • your neighbors find a dangerous contaminant in their water
  • you note a change in water taste, odor, color or clarity
  • there is a spill of chemicals or fuels into or near your well
  • when you replace or repair any part of your well system

In addition to the situations where testing is advised to do so more frequently, you can do your own inspection as well for possible contaminants 

  • is there livestock close by?
  • are pesticides being used on nearby agricultural?
  • do you use lawn fertilizers near the well?
  • is the well located near a road that is frequently salted or sprayed with de-icers during winter months?

Our team at Aqua Pump is very aware of surrounding towns in and throughout Connecticut and can also offer testing should you think its time do so. If you have any questions, our certified technicians are ready to help answer your questions and ease any concerns with treatable solutions should there be any arising problems! Call our team today at (860) 684-5349.

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In recent days, roughly 42 water tested wells have come up positive for Uranium. The additional testing had been issues after Uranium and Arsenic had been tested positive in other communities. At this time, the other communities have not been specified, this is just one more alarming reason why homeowners should have their well water tested annually.

As NBC Connecticut states "Residents with wells that test positive for uranium at levels above the accepted norm are urged to stop drinking and cooking with the water until it can be treated. According to city health officials, residents can use a filtration system. A reverse osmosis system or an ion-exchange system are recommended by the officials."

The health risks from Uranium and Arsenic can be serious and long-term, meaning, the side effects don't always arise early on.

Regardless of taste of water, residents are responsible for testing and are urged to test once a year. Aqua Pump has been a leader in water testing throughout Connecticut and you can contact us to schedule a water test as well as answering your questions and concerns.

Contact us today at (860) 684-5349 to schedule or discuss more about water filters and water testing in Connecticut!

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